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CC Games is a start-up that began its mobile gaming adventure in 2015. It was then that Lukasz Oktaba, a programmer with a few years of experience, came up with an idea to learn Java. And since practice is the best way to learn, Łukasz decided to write a Checkers game for Android.

Initially, the game was supposed to be just an addition to his career portfolio, but the result exceeded his wildest expectations. Soon after creating the game, he resigned from his previous job to become a full-time Checkers developer.

Currently, over 20 employees in CC Games are developing not only Checkers Online on Android and Checkers - Clash of Kings on iOS but also Chess - Clash of Kings on different platforms. Both games, Chess and Checkers, have been downloaded over 100 million times.

Want to find out more? Check our social media profiles or contact us at hello@ccgames.io.

Our Games

Checkers Online

The most popular of our mobile F2P board games. A traditional and inspiring one that gives you a lot of fun playing online multiplayer mode with people from all around the world, with a friend offline or challenging the computer.

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Checkers - Clash of Kings

Brand new in our portfolio. It is very similar to our famous Android version Checkers Online: fun is guaranteed thanks to multiplayer online game and classic gameplay against the computer version.

But there are some differences between iOS and Android Checkers ;) Can you find them?

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Chess - Clash of Kings

Chess is known as the game of kings not only because of the king being the most significant piece on the gameboard.

Our game of chess is aimed at all board game lovers. For sure you will find your favorite features. Try multiplayer online or challenging blitz mode, play against a computer on 10 different levels of difficulty or solve hundreds of chess puzzles.

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Mancala Nintendo Switch

Mancala is an ancient gem passed down from generation to generation.

People gathered around, cheering on the players, and had a pleasant time together since the game has attracted everyone for centuries with its simplicity and charm. The rules are very simple: Let the seeds find their home.

It's high time to bring back the good old days! Socialize with your family, friends, or maybe your neighbors, and play the unforgettable game. Pass down and convey your passion!

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We desired to take your chess skills to another dimension and created ChessVR. 3D chess is a version for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and want to be fully absorbed by the game and feel the real focus and emotions that come with chess.

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Chess Nintendo Switch

This is another game from our chess collection. Stunning graphics catch the eye and encourage you to play in a medieval atmosphere. Where the king rules over his subjects and knights guard the rooks.

The game differs a bit from the others. It contains 3 game modes: challenges that take you on a journey through a maze of dungeons, a classic game against the computer, and your favorite mode - hot seat, in other words, playing with a friend!

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Please e-mail us at: hello@ccgames.io
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