American checkers: 5 mistakes you should avoid to win

If you want to be better in American Checkers, this video lesson is for you. You will learn what the most common mistakes made by begginers are and how to avoid them. If you like to move your pieces to the edges of the board, we suggest you should change your habits ;)
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So what are the 5 most common mistakes made by begginers in American Checkers?

1. Having gaps

Empty squares between your pieces allow your opponent to use tactics and simple shots. If you don't want to lose quickly, remember to keep your pieces in tight formations and avoid holes.

2. Playing to the edges

Most checkers beginners like to move their pieces toward the edges of the board. They think it is safe and smart. But the truth is, that the central squares are more important and you should try to control them.

3. One man attack

If you go forward with only one piece, it means you will probably lose it without taking antything back. Rather keep your pieces together, so they can defend each other.

4. Sticking to one side

When you keep most of your pieces on just one side of the board, you allow your opponent to carry out an attack on the other side - your weak one. Try your best to spread pieces evenly on the board.

5. Lack of formations

You should build strong formations of your pieces i.e. keep at least 3 of them next to each other on one diagonal. Otherwise, your opponent can easily exploit your weaknesses and win the game.

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