5 ways to win quickly at American Checkers!

If you're a fan of American Checkers and looking for ways to win quickly, you're in luck! In this article, we'll share five strategies to help you dominate your opponents and come out on top. So let's get started and learn how to win quickly at American Checkers!

5 ways to win quickly at American Checkers!

To win a checkers’ game quickly, you have to gain an advantage. You can achieve superiority on a board by attacking the opponent's pieces, making shots, creating possibilities for an 'opposition', freezing your rival, and getting a king. Watch the video lesson to learn how to execute all of these plays.

#1 Make a shot!

As you already know, one of the basic rules in checkers says: Capture is mandatory! So let's learn how to use this rule to our advantage. 

We have to sacrifice a certain number of pieces in order to collect more pawns from our opponent. This tactical play is called "combination" or "shot". It is the fastest and most effective way to win games in checkers. 

Let's take a look at the diagrams below on how to carry out such a shot!

Step 1: Sacrifice the first pawn, followed by a capturing


Step 2: White captures, thus creating a so-called "hole" in the field of 23


Step 3: Continuation of capturing on both sides


Step 4: Moving on to the second part of the shot, we sacrifice another piece


Step 5: White is forced to beat another pawn


Step 6: Followed by black capturing 3 pieces to the king!


White in this position is practically without any chance.

#2 Attack "lonely pieces"

Beginner players often make several moves with a single piece, going too far. We can then easily get such a pawn by attacking.

The example below shows a position where white plays too far with its pawn, encroaching on black's "territory".


Step 1: We choose the way how to attack the pawn. In fact, both attacks are possible here


Step 2: After our attack, white has no way to defend itself, and further movement of the pawn also causes a capture


We gain one pawn and are getting closer to winning the game

#3 “Opposition”

This is another method we can look for during a game to defeat our opponent. "Opposition" is simply the pieces facing each other. The winner is the last to make a move that creates opposition. Let's look at an example.

If black makes this move - it wins, but if white makes it - white triumphs.


Step 1: Let's assume that there is a move by black. It plays a square that prevents white from making a good move, creating opposition


Thus, we can see a triple opposition on the board, as 3 black pawns block 3 white pawns. In subsequent moves, white will lose all its material


#4 Blocking the opponent's pieces

Another important and well-known method is to block all the opponent's pieces. In the attached example, we will illustrate how this can be done.

Step 1: Black is on the move. First, let's try to notice what move possibilities white has and then find a move for black that will prevent white from making a good move.


Step 2: Black playing 15-19 deprives white of all beneficial moves. Consequently, white will be forced to give up the pawns


Step 3: We can see that white remains without any moves. It has been effectively blocked


#5 Get the king first!

As you already know from the previous article on the rules of American checkers, the king has the advantage over the pawn - it can move and beat backward. Therefore, the king gives you a big advantage and will probably lead you to victory!

Step 1: Black is on the move and has a clear path to the king


White cannot stop the black pawn, and in 2 moves, black will promote a piece to a king, which brings it much closer to winning the game.

We have introduced you to 5 tricks to help you win the game! Now it's time for you to find an opponent on checkers.online and try to implement our game tips! Good luck!

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